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Our Mission, Values & Vision


To encourage children from age 2 to get active, love sport and teach essential life skills through this.

In essence “Create Sporting Kids”- which is also our strap-line!


  1. PASSION. We are driven by a passion for what we do and that’s serving our communities by positively impacting the lives of the children in them through sport. We love life, family, being active and the amazing kids whose lives we impact “for life”.
  2. FAMILY AND COMMUNITY. EzeeSport is all about family. We believe that family goes beyond the people you live with, extending to all the people that make your life more enjoyable. At EzeeSport, we see ourselves as an important part of the equation. We like to offer a community of support and advice as parents embark on the journey of raising a family.”
  3. DISCOVERY. Entering this key life stage of physical development in kids is all about discovery: discovering their unique abilities, talents, skills and what works best for their development based on what motivates them. EzeeSport also helps parents during this exciting time by providing them with resources to help them get involved to continue guiding their children beyond the Ezeesport “field”
  4. INSPIRATION. We are focused on inspiring children to engage with sport and to try new things so we are constantly on the lookout for the best, fun and newest ways to introduce physical activity to our kids. Whether it’s a new piece of equipment like our very own Ezeebat or an imaginative new game we are continuously exploring to keep ahead of the ‘game’! It is also through our inspiring programme that we equip children with essential life skills for a successful future.
  5. ENCOURAGEMENT. Children do their best, persevere and reach their potential when they are encouraged, edified and honoured for their achievements. Encouragement is integral to a child’s development and confidence.


  1. To encourage the enjoyment of sport in young children by making it EZEE and fun.
  2. To promote an active lifestyle by introducing children to sport in a fun and exciting way from a young age.
  3. To be educationally aligned so that we are meeting a child’s physical developmental needs at the appropriate age and stage in life.
  4. To be inclusive and non-intimidating – to provide a programme which is appropriate for both boys and girls of any ability and from any background.
  5. To provide an environment where children will learn essential life skills which will help them not only on the sports field but in the classroom and throughout their lives.


EzeeSport makes learning foundational sports skills genuinely fun. We’re not talking about running laps around a sports field or standing in a long cue waiting for your chance to kick a ball at the goal posts only to miss and join the back of the line again like you might find in an average PE lesson. At EzeeSport you’ll hear screams of joy and shrieks of laughter, see sleeping lions, learn how to chase and catch ponies, dodge spaceships, jump over crocodiles and even meet Mr. Ezee- our mascot- and play our endless imaginative games.

The reaction after every class, club and party is always somewhat unbelievable. We’ve had so much amazing feedback from teachers, parents and children alike that we humbly admit that we’re a little overrun by the requests to run our programme in more venues.

Multi-sport FUN + Sportsmanship = happy, healthy kids and families

A fun, exciting, fast paced lesson where children have the opportunity to practice a variety of skills related to the main sports groups – net and wall, invasion, striking and fielding.