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Finally a bat that teaches racquet skills!

The EzeeBat is a unique, light weight bat for active kids, adults and future racquet sport champions.

Created and developed by EzeeSport’s co-founder Peter Crossman, we’re proud to say that there isn’t another product that safely and effectively aids foundational racquet skills in the market today.

Benefits and Features:
• Designed to slip on and off easily and be very comfortable when in use.
• Fun for everyone from ages 2- 99!
• Lightweight to support joints in the wrist.
• Two-toned to develop both forehand and backhand strokes with ease.
• Ideal for rallies with a friend or against a wall.
• Great for playing on the beach or in the back garden.

EzeeBat is as versatile as your imagination and can be used by anyone.

Intrigued? See it in action here

Order your EzeeBats by emailing peter@ezeesport.com with the following information: Number of sets and address for postage. A set of EzeeBats and 1 ball costs £15 + postage.

For more information on how to put the EzeeBats on and and fun games to play watch How to Use the EzeeBats