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FREE Trial Class

If you are looking for an activity that will get your child active and loving sport then you have come to the right place.

At EzeeSport we give children a solid foundation in a variety of sport skills so that when they are older they can confidently go on to play a preferred sport.

Come and join us at any of our venues for some sporting FUN! It’s a no obligation opportunity to see our programme in action and to meet the coaches.  Invite your friends along too – you don’t want them missing out!!

Click on one of these venues to see available times and days:

Book your space now before it’s too late!

Who are we:
First and foremost we are lovers of kids! We consider it a huge privilege to coach the children who come to our classes and we do our very best to teach them valuable sport skills and sportsmanship qualities which will not only enable them to be active for life, but to do well in life in general.

At EzeeSport we break down sports skills making them ezee and fun to learn. It’s a programme that will get even the most unsporty kids loving sport!

At EzeeSport your child will:
– Have FUN
– Learn Sports skills like: throwing, catching, kicking, hitting, bouncing,dribbling
– Learn movement skills like: running, jumping, sliding,hoping, skipping, dodging
– Learn life skills like: listening, persevering, turn taking, risking, building self-esteem
– Learn Sportsmanship like: learning to share, waiting turns, winning and losing graciously
– Develop character traits like: self-control, kindness, thoughtfulness, patience,respect for others
– Make new friends
– Develop skills which are transferable to all ball sport
– Experience success using innovative equipment designed for this age group

At EzeeSport you will:
– Have some time for yourself
– Enjoy watching your child grow in confidence and competence
– Be assisted in a vital development stage for your child
– Receive useful tips on how to help your child succeed in sport and life
– Be part of a special group of people wanting the best for their kids
– Be relieved that you have finally found something your child really loves and something that will add huge value to his or her life!

Register for a free trial today by filling out our contact us form  REGISTER NOW!

Many parents say that they wish they had found us sooner!!