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How to use your EzeeBat

Instructions for putting the EzeeBat on your hand:

1.   Adjust each strap to suit the size of your hand. After that you do not need to undo the velcro straps.




2.  Place the EzeeBat on the hand by opening the neck of the of the bat and slipping a  flat hand inside.




3.  The EzeeBat must fit over the wrist and all the fingers including the thumb. Then you are ready for action.

Getting started with your EzeeBat:
You don’t have to be a sports expert to get started with the EzeeBats. Learning racquet skills with the EzeeBat is really easy and lots of fun. There are so many games you can make up using the bats, but the most obvious one is a simple rally with a friend.

  1. If your kiddies are younger than 4 then start out by simply rolling a ball to them on the ground to hit back to you. Roll the ball to both the forehand and backhand side.
  2. For older children and adults hit the ball back and forth with a bounce and then move to no bounce (volley).
  3. For an individual game –see how many times you can hit the ball up in the air. If your child is 2 or younger you can start them out with a balloon for a bit of FUN!

Tip: The EzeeBat has a different colour for each side. This is useful for teaching backhand and forehand as you can call out the colour of the correct side that you your child to hit the ball with.

How to Rally with your EzeeBat

How to Volley with your EzeeBat