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Foundational and Multi-Sport Fun for kids 2 - 11+ years. We foster a love of physical activity and teach essential life skills through sport. Give your child a gift that will last a lifetime - Register for a free trial today!


Why Parents Love EzeeSport

Some of the reasons parents have given for loving EzeeSport:
• It's an activity where our kids learn a variety of sport skills in one place.
• It's an activity where we can sit back and relax while watching our kids learn and have fun.
• It helps improve co-ordination
• It helps with developing confidence
• It helps with listening skills and following instructions

Who Are We?

Parents of 2 and EzeeSport founders, Peter and Fiona, are all about challenging, nurturing and developing kids in sport. This family run business is founded on professional sporting achievements and 10 years+ coaching experience of children aged 2 – 8 years. Not only have Peter and Fiona taught and helped hundreds of children over the years establish a great foundation in sports skills but they have coached their own children who now have the confidence to play a number of sports. Keata Murray joined EzeeSport in 2013 and has added her incredible marketing skills to the business. She has a son Seth who is 3 are regularly joins the EzeeSport Saturday club.

Kids in Action

Happy, Healthy Families

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    Ezeesport is a family run organisation with the key focus of challenging, nurturing and developing kids. At Ezeesport we aim to help children establish a great foundation in sport. As well as developing vital sporting skills, kids also learn how to work as a team and improve communication skills. We believe this is all key for the future of the kids whether it be
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