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Lord Coe in an interview on Talk Sport radio; “At young ages we should be talking about athleticism. You want to be a great cricketer, a great footballer, and a great hockey or tennis player you actually have to have the skills of a track and field athlete. You have to be able to run all day, have to be able to sprint, have hand-eye coordination. If you can throw a cricket ball it is actually the same dynamics as throwing a javelin. We have to encourage youngsters to think about athletics as a way of moving into other sports.

So why choose EzeeSport’s multi sport coaching for your child?

  1. It’s better for kids to rather than specialise at an early age in a particular sport to spend time playing a variety of sports to increase their exposure to, and implicit learning of, the basic tactical skills that are similar in many sports.
  2. Small children don’t know what sport they like best or what they want to do. By providing them with a solid foundation in movement skills we will help them transfer their abilities to other sports in the future.
  3. Problem solving, communication, teamwork and working independently are highly valued attributes in sport and life in general. Playing one sport will allow some of these skills to be developed. Multi-sport activities increase the likelihood of developing more of these skills.
  4. By offering multi sport activities to kids we are able to offer more variety, introducing new sports, more fun and less boredom thereby attracting and retaining our kids interest in sport and making it easier to integrate mixed age groups, mixed ability and fitness levels and boy & girl participants into the same session.
  5. By coaching multi-skills we recognise that this develops social and lifestyle skills as well as physical and sport specific. Multi sport coaching develops competence, confidence, connection, creativity, character and caring. 

A multi-skilled athlete is a multiple-skilled person.

Founders of EzeeSport Peter & Fiona Crossman are all about challenging, nurturing and developing kids in sport. This family run business is founded on professional sporting achievements and 10 years+ coaching experience of children aged 2 – 8 years.

Not only have Peter and Fiona taught and helped hundreds of children over the years establish a great foundation in sports skills but they have coached their own two daughters Family head shotwho now have the confidence to play a number of sports and it’s no surprise that they both excel on and off the field.

With a rise in childhood obesity and children being less and less active, it is more important than ever before to encourage children to take part in sporting activities. Introducing your child to sport at a young age is the best way of ensuring that they stay active into adulthood. We simply but importantly want to make sport EZEE for the new generation of active children.

Here are 5 reason why our parents and school teachers love EzeeSport:-

  1. “A number of sports skills taught in one programme/place!”
  2. “Positively sets my children on a pathway to being ‘active for life’”
  3. “Learning through play in a fun and positive environment regardless of ability”
  4. “Boosts school readiness for the under 4’s physically, socially and emotionally”
  5. “Essential life skills are taught e.g. leadership, teamwork, fairness, fellowship, respect. commitment””

We are at the forefront of maintaining excellence in coaching and all our coaches are DBS checked and have a current first aid certificate.